Daycare Websites!

We start by creating a website for you that looks great, but more importantly instills a sense of trust to parents even before meeting them. Our goal is beyond looking pretty, we want parents to convert to calls and interviews, so our websites are designed to check off parent needs quickly and clearly.
  • Website Creation
  • Website Editing
  • Website Hosting

HDM Dashboard

You will get access to the Home Daycare Marketing Dashboard which will keep track of how your marketing efforts are doing! This is only available to our clients and gives a full view of everything that is going on with your daycare online in one place.
  • See website visits.
  • See reviews you have received from different platforms.
  • See where people are finding you online.
  • Easily track your online marketing progress.

Online Directories

There are a large number of online directories that will allow you to list your daycare business. If you aren’t on them already you are losing out on a lot of parents’ eyes! We will help get these setup for you and get you to stand out on these sites.
  • List on major directories like, craigslist, ebay classifieds, and more.
  • List you premium directories, like Angies list.
  • List your business on mapping sites like Google Maps and Bing Maps

New Content

It is no secret that in 2020 content is a major driver of online traffic. Not to mention, websites that look fresh and maintained lead to higher conversion rates. For providers, event blogging is an effective way to stay competitive. This may sound daunting, but don’t worry! It can actually be fairly easy and rewarding. We will help with all the details.
  • Blog setup and maintenance
  • Content ideas

Reputation Management

Online reviews are important for your online presence. But what happens when you get a bad review? And how to do make sure you are collecting good reviews on the right platforms? We help with all of these questions!
  • Yelp, Google, and other setup
  • Good and bad review coaching

Social Media

Social Media is another important way to expose your business in 2020. But with so many platforms… Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, which do you choose to use and how do you use them?
  • Social Site Coaching
  • Social Site Management
  • Blog linked to social sites