We create websites for our clients and help them register their business in various places like Yelp, Google Maps, and more to help them get more business. We are looking for remote project managers who can guide our clients through collecting information for their website, then helping them with ongoing marketing tasks.

Some of your tasks as a project manager might include,

– Given a checklist, collect basic information from clients so we can build a website for them
– Post blogs onto our clients’ WordPress websites when they email us new blogs that they write
– Data entry to keep track of tasks we need to complete and have already completed for each client
– Help lookup images and video clips for our marketing materials
– Proof Reading
– Able to put on various hats and take on various tasks as they come up

Helpful skills
– English Fluency, Other languages a plus
– WordPress Blogging
– Social Media Management
– Computer and Internet Skills
– Photoshop
– Customer Service Experience

This job will be fully remote (despite covid 19). Most of our clients are US based, but you may work from any region you like.

This job will pay $10/hr starting

Please use the form below to get in touch or send an email to contact@homedaycaremarketing.com

Cold Calling

We have a second position opening for part time cold calling. You would call a list of daycares we have, have a short casual conversation about what we do and ask for their email if they are interested in our services or free marketing guides.

Looking for someone who is friendly on the phone, can talk *very* basically about websites, SEO, Yelp, social media, etc. Ability to speak multiple languages is a plus, especially Spanish (Mexican dialect).

This job will be fully remote (despite covid 19). Hours are relatively flexible.

This job will pay $8/hr starting + commission based on number of emails collected.